Embracing What Lies Ahead / by Patricia Macapagal

Before you carry on, let me just say that I am not a writer/blogger and my grammar is atrocious, but I’m just a person who loves to document moments in time. In 2018, I went beyond myself, took some (a lot) risks, failed, but at the end of it all-I had God.

At the start of the year, I entered my second semester of Capilano University with the idea of graduating with a diploma/bachelors. Towards the quarter, I began creating projects again which encouraged me to pursue media in the first place. Come May, I was challenged to co-lead the documentation team for the Regional Youth Conference of CFC: Youth.


In the second half of the year came many interesting adventures. From photographing last minute dance shows, celebrating graduations, to working full time. Documenting a few weddings and finally attending the True North Conference in Calgary, Alberta. My summer was nothing short of rediscovering the roots of my passion and where I wanted to nurture my drive.


The last quarter of the year was my most experimental and uncomfortable few months. I started a new job that challenged my ability to connect and follow through. Started a new service role which scares the heck of me. Began chasing opportunities I never knew was possible within my reach. Created new friendships that I know will last the longevity of my life.

Embracing What Lies Ahead

I only hope that 2019 will be even greater and exceed anything my imagination. If that means, booking last minute flights to LA/New York, continually being vulnerable to the call of the Holy Spirit, being open to new forms of art, or simply spending quality time with those I love.

Perhaps the reason why I love the idea of documenting moments in time is to make up for my lack of ability to craft a written piece. In other words, this is my medium in expressing what I cannot say in words. For a long time, I was stuck on the idea that a good photo had to be captured on a professional camera. I would discover that I was wrong, what makes a good photo into a great one is the intention and belief in that photo.

For 2019, I know I’ll be chasing my dreams in great hopes of discovering new corners and embracing what lies ahead.


Signing off for the last time in 2018.

Patricia Macapagal \ @pmacapagal