Allen Stone returns to Vancouver /December 12, 2018

'Brown Eyed Lover' singer Allen Stone returns to Vancouver at The Commodore Ballroom

Allen Stone ignites the night with his charisma, energy, and live music. There’s no doubt that every person was dancing and singing along with Stone. His infectious beats and humorous ad-libs set the tone of the night and every song added another layer of fun and love.

Prior to Stone’s appearance, Nick Waterhouse and his lovely band has been opening for the past 40+ shows. Waterhouse’s blues gave the crowd a stomping start to the night and great way to transition to Stone.

As the end of the tour is coming closer, Allen Stone recalls moments throughout the past 2 months. During several breaks in between, Stone does not fail to recognize his team for joining him on his journey on the road. It’s clear that there is a great sense of appreciation from the man himself. In recognition of his team, audiences can’t help but feel more proud to be a supporter of his music. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and I for one, cannot wait for Allen Stone’s upcoming album in 2019. All the best for Allen Stone and his team!

Patricia Macapagal

Vancouver, BC \ @pmacapagal